National Robotics Exchange

One of the myRAS project, is National Robotics eXchange (NRX). NRX is a an online community portal that will bring together all local robotics professionals under one platform to nurture local talent, build connections withing the various clusters, keep these clusters informed of national policy and initiatives and engage and galvanize them to action for the betterment of the entire nation.

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Networking and Connections

NRX provides a platform for professionals to build connections and expand their network within various clusters of the robotics industry.

Talent Nurturing

By connecting local robotics professionals, NRX creates opportunities for talent development and growth. It enables mentorship, knowledge exchange, and skill enhancement, ensuring a continuous pipeline of skilled individuals for the industry.

Empowerment in Unity

NRX brings together like-minded professionals, fostering a sense of empowerment and unity. Join forces with fellow enthusiasts, break down barriers, and embark on a collective journey of growth and success.

Bridge between Clusters

NRX bridges the gap between different clusters within the robotics industry, promoting cross-industry collaboration and knowledge exchange. This allows for the integration of diverse expertise, technologies, and perspectives, leading to breakthrough innovations.