Soft Skills

Soft skills revolve around personal relationships, character, and attitude. By developing these skills, you can increase your work performance, build stronger relationships, and work toward earning a promotion. Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about soft skills is the idea that people will naturally grow in these areas over time. If you are finding that some of these soft skills do not come naturally to you, you need to learn how to improve soft skills so they'll become a natural reflex for you in dealing with people every day. 

'Technical skills may get you the job but soft skills can make you or break you as a manager"
"The hard truth about soft   skills they can make or break your career"
Peggy Klaus •Author

Course Content

The rationale for this course is to be a pre-requisite for all the global certification programs offered by TechCapital Resources which will be endorsed by the Malaysia Robotics and Automation Interest Group of The Malaysia Society for Engineering and Technology.

This course will provide the participants with the knowledge and skills related to the utilization and application of Robotics and Automation Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Guidelines in industrial automation.

  1. Develop Communicating Skills

  2. Practice Active Listening Skills

  3. Problem Solving

  4. Build Relationships

  5. Practice Leading

  6. Take Initative


Presentation Skills Training

This course provides participants with the opportunity to practise the preparation and delivery of formal and informal presentations. Language patterns is being to introduced and delegates will be shown how to centre themselves to give them the strength and relaxation needed to speak confidently in public. Opportunities to learn from practical exercises will be provided.


  1. Deliver a business presentation with control, professionalism and authority. 
  2. Overcome nervousness, negative feelings and pre-presentation anxiety. 
  3. Prepare, rehearse and use notes confidently and appropriately. 
  4. Be spontaneous whilst still putting across the required message. 
  5. Handle difficult topics and people with confidence. 
  6. Focus attention on the key issues and generate audience acceptance of your message. 
  7. Project your voice, presence and personality with assurance. 
  8. Articulate and enunciate your words clearly and directly. 
  9. Use visual aids to enhance the appeal and professionalism of your communication. 
  10. Adapt your approach when communicating with large or small groups. 
  11. Encourage audience interaction and deal with questions and feedback.

Target group
Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Technicians and Operators. 


The Power of Effective Communication

  • Overcoming the barriers to successful group speaking
  • What makes communication successful 

Preparing to speak in front of others

  • Analysing your objectives-focusing on the key issues
  • Understanding the audience, its needs and expectations 

Speaking confidently

  • Confidence and its effect on audience reaction
  • Overcoming nerves and building your confidence
  • Relaxation techniques to ease anxiety

Presentation skills

  • Body language - how it affects audience reaction
  • Positive eye contact with members of your audience
  • Grasping and maintaining audience attention-drawing them into your presentation
  • Presenting in a style which attracts your audience

Holding Interest when speaking

  • How the texture of your language affects your audience
  • Using hypnosis and language patterns to create the desired effect
  • Projecting your voice, speaking with authority and confidence in a persuasive manner
  • The techniques used by successful presenters to make their presentations more influential and powerful
  • Timing your delivery - pacing yourself

Personal Development

  • Formulating a personal action plan


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Communication Skills Training

Confidence Building Training 

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Skills Training

Managing Conduct 

Presentation Skills Training

Team Building Training

Time Management Training