Robotics Talent 

Development Academy 



What Needs to be Done

  • A professional syllabus in robotics education that is suitable for beginners as young as primary school students to workers in automation industries.
  • It includes a taxonomy of awareness, knowledge and skills in both the software and hardware of the latest robotics technology.
  • The trainings is arranged and conducted by the licensed trainers based on the syllabus determined by the academy in their own comfortable settings


as a solution platform for RoTDA digital quick startup.

MyRAS E-Learning Program

Organized Syllabus

Courses and program are listed step by step depending on the chosen training provider program

Various Learning Materials

Depending on the training provider's content, A list of program and courses are prepared to help prepare learners on the software and hardware of one's technology

Known Training Provider

Courses and program are handled and managed by known training provider that is dedicated in develop professional talent, consisting of MyRAS's collaborators and partners