About NRX

One of the myRAS project, is National Robotics eXchange (NRX). NRX is a an online community portal that will bring together all local robotics professionals under one platform to nurture local talent, build connections withing the various clusters, keep these clusters informed of national policy and initiatives and engage and galvanize them to action for the betterment of the entire nation. 

Who we are?

An Organisation that study on Robotics Design and Develop Robots for industrial also for commercially applicable. A group of 5 young men with ambitious ideas was formed in 2013, with help from Prof Engr Dr Ishkandar.


Prof Engr Dr Ishkandar Baharin, has had extensive experience in working in industry and academia in the field of robotics,automation and computer integrated manufacturing both locally and internationally.

He is currently active in professional organizations serving as Vice President for Malaysian Society for Engineering and Technology (MySET), Chairman for Malaysia Robotics and Automation Interest Group (myRAig), Executive Member of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society in Malaysia and Professor in Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysia France Institute.

Featured News

Bionic hand allows amputee to feel again

With a new prosthetic, researchers have managed to restore the sense of touch for a Denmark man who lost his left hand nine years ago.

Bio-inspired robotic device could aid ankle-foot rehabilitation

A soft, wearable device that mimics the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the lower leg could aid in the rehabilitation of patients with ankle-foot disorders such as drop foot, said a robotics expert. Scientists have now developed an active orthotic device using soft plastics and composite materials, instead of a rigid exoskeleton.


NRX Module











Why NRX is important for us?

Nurture Robotics Talent


  • facilitates knowledge transference to new robotics engineers

  • Provides increased opportunities for both internships and mentorships

  • Showcase & encourage accomplishments

  • Helps engineers gauge what talents & skill sets most demanded by market & allows them to tailor own development

  • Provides inspiration & a reference point for students

Connect Various Clusters


  • More dynamic communications - Clusters will have more access to each other in ways not currently available

  • Increase awareness of robotics industry across nation

  • Easier to unearth opportunities

  • Facilitates increased cross-industry / cross-cluster collaboration

  • Easier collection of analysis and feedback

  • Provides engineers with a more holistic & strategic view of the industry

Keeping Clusters Informed

  • Keeps all players in the robotics industry informed of changes in policy / emphasis

  • Allows market players to react faster to changes in policy

  • Facilitates two-way communication

  • Shortens feedback loop

  • Enables research & surveys

  • Allows better pulse on developments occurring in the trenches

Engaging The Nation

  • More dynamic communications

  • Allows members to showcase and share their knowledge by being more actively involved with MySET-myRAig

  • Nurtures advocates & champions

  • Encourages co-creation between myRAig & clusters

  • Generates positives word-of-mouth

  • Encourages user-generated content